The Independent Music Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

Whether you are a successful musician looking to give something back to aspiring artists or someone who wants to help boost the arts, we welcome your donation and, in fact, survive on it alone in these early stages.

Checks also can be mailed to: Independent Music Foundation, 1373 Page Street Apt. C, San Francisco, CA 94117


Music may be the most difficult of the arts to break into. Under the current economic climate and changes in the industry, that situation has only grown more difficult. The Independent Music Foundation's purpose is both charitable and educational by providing lower income musicians an opportunity to take a step toward viability and by promoting music and music recording arts to the general public.

Among some of the organization's goals:

*Helping offset costs and obstacles for low income musicians to record in a professional environment and connect them with an experienced production team.

*Provide funding and production for compilation albums to call attention to local music scenes

*Connect singers and songwriters with producers and studio musicians

*Provide recommendations for municipalities on ways their music scenes can be enhanced.

Independent Music Foundation * email: info@indiemusicfoundation.org