The Independent Music Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

Whether you are a successful musician looking to give something back to aspiring artists or someone who wants to help boost the arts, we welcome your donation and, in fact, survive on it alone in these early stages.

Checks also can be mailed to: Independent Music Foundation, 1373 Page Street Apt C, San Francisco, CA 94117


Director, Independent Music Foundation

WEB SITE: www.michael-ernest.com
EMAIL: mike@indiemusicfoundation.org



Mike has been a music producer and engineer since 1994, beginning after graduating at the top of his class at the California Recording Institute. He served as a second engineer on major label releases but has primarily worked with independent bands. He ran a small fledgling record label, Shays Rebellion, that had some spirit. He also ran a recording studio by the same name that shared space with major label clientele. He holds a Masters Degree in music and is a voting member of The Recording Academy (Grammys). Examples of his work can be viewed here.

He has been involved with non-profits having worked extensively in theater and also with the non-profit concert venue, Payomet Peforming Arts.

He also has a strong communications background having worked as a journalist for many years, having had articles published in daily and weekly newspapers across the globe. He has written several articles pertinent to the mission of the Independent Music Foundation:

What Makes a Music Scene
Reasons behind the formation of the non-profit

Why Music Like Any Other Business Needs Investment
CDs cost more than $1 to make

Nashville and the Brits Get It Right
How some politicians are taking their music scenes seriously

Struggling Rock Bands Take Their Licks
Article appearing in the daily newspaper relating issues faced by local bands in Santa Cruz, Calif.


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